VIP Goody Bags

We create goody bags that align with health and wellness for VIP expos, retreats, races, and more. To see more designs contact us.



Wholesale Pricing Packages

(Minimum order 1000)


$0.03 - $0.05 per item

We help event organizers with bag fulfillment. Ship inserts to us, and we'll assemble and ship everything to you. If you'd like to supplement your goody bag, we'll find you brands that align with your event and supplement your bag to make it well rounded.

$1.00 - $3.00 per bag

Build a basic bag with a beverage/hydration supplement and 2-3 snacks we love.  You'll also have the option to supplement with seasonal offers.  *We provide a drawstring bag for this package.  Orders 60+ days in advance can customize the drawstring option.

$4.00 - $6.00 per bag

Build a deluxe bag with seasonal beverages/hydration supplements (electrolytes, water, juice, cold brew coffee) and 3-4 snacks. You'll also have the option to add full sample redemption offers.  *We provide a canvas bag for this package. Orders 60+ days in advance to customize the canvas.