Our mission is to create fitter, happier communities by helping fitness organizers.


Fitter was started by fitness enthusiasts who had to fight to get a workout in.  We had local fun runs, traditional marathons, and yoga festivals to look forward to and we appreciated the event organizers who did the hard work to pull off kickass events.


It's a lot of work to create inspiring experiences.  

However, we noticed a disparity between events and the food and beverages. Pre/post race festivities and goodie bags should align with fitness events to empower a healthy lifestyle and we can help. 



Fitter, better goodie bags


We believe that what goes in our body is just as important as what we do physically. We offer 3 packages for event organizers.

Our mission is to make your goodie bag deliciously fitter. Tell us about your event so we can match you with the appropriate brands.